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Akris Desktop


Akris Desktop is a pest station graphical client implemented using the Akris Pest station library.

Getting Akris Desktop

This guide assumes a working pentacle chroot environment

Using V

Download all patches and seals from

mkdir -p patches
mkdir -p seals
curl -o patches/akris-desktop-genesis-VERSION.vpatch
curl -o seals/akris-desktop-genesis-VERSION.vpatch.thimbronion.sig

Pentacle v expects gpg public keys to be found in ~/wot.

Using the bash implementation of v provided in pentacle, press Akris Desktop with the leaf you wish to target (usually the patch with the lowest version number):

v press akris-desktop patches/akris-desktop-genesis-99999.vpatch

Download and run the signed binary

curl -o akris-desktop-VERSION.linux.x86_64.bin
curl -o akris-desktop-VERSION.linux.x86_64.bin.thimbronion.sig

Run Akris Desktop


From PyPI [WIP]

pip install akris-desktop

From a signed tarball [WIP]

Download and unzip Akris Desktop

Download and unzip Akris

Build and Install Akris Desktop from source


Dependency installation


# These steps may or may not be necessary depending on the state of your system
sudo apt-get install python3.11-dev
sudo apt-get install python3-tk
sudo apt-get install python3-pil python3-pil.imagetk
Gentoo [WIP]

Create a python virtual environment.

This is optional but is recommended to avoid cluttering up your system python site-packages.

Create the virtual environment

cd akris-desktop
python -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate

Install tk in the virtual environment

pip install tk

Install Akris into the virtual environment from a local copy of the source code

pip install -e file:../akris

Install Akris Desktop into the virtual environment

pip install -e .

Run Akris Desktop

python3 bin/

Configure Akris Desktop

Akris desktop is inert on initial startup. To connect to a configure your station via the console tab: 1. Set your handle (this is the name others must use for you when peering with your station):

`> handle cortes`
  1. Enable presence reporting (this will update akris desktop when peers come online or go offline):

    > knob presence.report_interval 1

  2. Set the address cast interval (this is how often your station will broadcast its address to peers):

    > knob address.cast_interval 1

  3. Add a peer:

    > peer pizarro

  4. Generate a symmetric key to share with the peer:

    > genkey

  5. Set the peer's key:

    > key pizarro <key>

  6. Set the peer's address:

    > at pizarro W.X.Y.Z:12345

If this pestnet has been around a while, you should start to see messages syncing in the 'broadcast messages' tab momentarily. If this is a new pestnet, feel free to send the first message.


Install development dependencies

pip install .[dev]

Build a binary distribution


make dist


make dist-osx

Database Management

Run new migrations if any have been added

caribou upgrade akris.db migrations

Client API Documentation [WIP]